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What is Blended Learning at NMMU?

Blended Learning refers to teaching, learning and assessment within a variety of contexts, using different delivery modes, educational approaches, methods, media formats, technologies and tools.  This dynamic environment spans from formal/informal face-to-face sessions to pure online learning including e-Learning and m-Learning.

At NMMU various systems, tools, technologies are available.  The open source MOODLE Learning Management System (iLearn) provides a platform for course management activities such as assessment management, student tracking, grading and reporting. Blending the best of the face-to-face and the online worlds optimise the teaching, learning and assessment opportunities to benefit both students and lecturers alike.

Lecturers may use Ms Office tools to create course content published on a collaboration site in SharePoint, integrated with multimedia streaming from the library, linked to an e-PAL site in Moodle.

or may use

Module / Study guides published on Moodle, linked to online resources, online quizzes, blogs, Facebook, and Twitter .

or may use

Group communication tools used to peer assessed participation and interaction integrated with assessments/assignments tracked and managed in Moodle, integrated with Turnitin.

or may use

combinations of all of the above options and even add more according to their own needs.


The Blended Learning Programme

The focus of the Blended Learning programme is on Blended Learning development on all levels at the NMMU. The programme comprises various training opportunities for staff and students, including a variety of informal, formal, and ad hoc training sessions, workshops, presentations, consultations, collaboration and capacity building on individual, departmental and faculty levels. Our schedule for 2016 will be available on our Blended Learning Gateway shortly.


Who are we?

Our Blended Learning team consists of Simon Goldstone, Hermien Johannes, Shaun Meyer and Koshala Terblanche. You are most welcome to contact us should you need assistance or have any Blended Learning related requests.

Contact information
Dr Hermien Johannes
Senior Academic Staff Development Professional
Tel: 27 41 504 3664

Mr Simon Goldstone
Teaching Development Professional (Blended Learning)
Tel: +27 41 504 3971