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Teaching Development



CTLM invites you to attend a Short Learning Programme (SLP) on Assessment of Learning in Higher Education and Training.


Programme Timeframe

The course ran from 21 August to 16 October 2013, each Wednesday afternoon from 14:10 – 17:00 in M218, North Campus.  Deliverables for the course are due early in 2014 (please see the dates, as listed, at the bottom of this page).


Proposed Programme




Unit of Learning 1:  Introduction to Assessment, Structures, and Policies

Unit of Learning 2:  Plan and prepare for assessment and interaction with the moderator

Unit of Learning 3:  Development of assessment opportunities

Unit of Learning 4:  Conducting and evaluating assessments, making assessment judgements, recording judgements and proving feedback and/or reporting

Unit of Learning 5:  Reflect on and review own assessment practice


A practitioner credited with this module and the unit standard linked to this module is able to:

  • determine the purpose(s) of assessment and articulate the competences to be assessed;
  • determine an assessment strategy and plan assessment activities;
  • interact with moderators;
  • implement assessment;
  • evaluate and judge evidence;
  • record and report assessment results;
  • provide feedback to candidates;
  • reflection and evaluate the assessment process and competences against which assessment was made.



Participants will be expected to actively participate in the workshops, display willingness to share their assessment practices with the group, provide workshop facilitators with examples of learning guides, tests and exams (plus marking criteria), and to complete the assessment tasks for each Unit of Learning. 


Integrated Summative Assessment


Participants who want to be accredited with this SLP are expected to submit the required portfolio as follows:

  • Due date for draft copy: 14 February 2014
  • Due date for 2013 summative assessment: 28 February 2014


Interested staff should book via ProSkillC.


Contact information
Dr Hermien Johannes
Senior Academic Staff Development Professional
Tel: 27 41 504 3664